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Ben Böhmer Presents:
North America 2023
Ben Böhmer(live)
With guests:
Barry Can’t Swim -  nimino - Qrion
QRTR - Tony y Not - TSHA - Yu Su
Ben Böhmer’s Portraet series makes its first venture to North America this Fall with five big-room club events in LA, San Francisco, Denver, Brooklyn and Chicago.

Originating in Ibiza last summer, the Portraet series aims to showcase Ben’s array of musical inspirations with carefully selected line ups that will culminate in a darker, club focussed audiovisual live set from Ben himself. This series he’ll be joined by TSHA, Barry Can’t Swim, Qrion, Yu Su, nimino, QRTR and Tony y Not. Full details of the individual line ups can be found below.

These shows will be a step removed from Ben’s headline album tours and will feature unique Portraet production.

Artist pre-sale starts Weds May 3rd @ 10am local time. Sign up for pre-sale access now via the links above.
September 15th
Shrine Expo Hall, Los Angeles CA
Ben Böhmer (Live) - Barry Can’t Swim - Yu Su
September 16th
The Midway, San Francisco CA
Ben Böhmer (Live) - Qrion - Yu Su - nimino
September 22nd
Mission Ballroom, Denver CO
Ben Böhmer (Live) - TSHA - Qrion
October 6th
Brooklyn Mirage, Brooklyn NY
Ben Böhmer (Live) - Barry Can’t Swim - nimino - Tony y Not
October 7th
Radius, Chicago IL
Ben Böhmer (Live) - Barry Can’t Swim - QRTR
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